Students in the inner courtyard of the main university building

Organizing your studies

What you need to know about the curriculum
Students in the inner courtyard of the main university building
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

Even your grandma knew it: »Organization is half the battle«. There are regulations for many steps that you may come across in the course of your studies. Find out more about whether you may benefit from part-time studies, whether and when you can take a leave of absence or who can help you if you lose your student identity card.

On these pages, we answer to these and many other questions.


Students and prospective students can find up-to-date information on the current COVID-19 situation and new developments at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena on this page.

Re-registration Expand entry

If you are enrolled at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and want to continue with your studies in the next semester, you have to re-register early enough. The re-registration is possible from mid-June for the following winter semester and from mid-January for the following summer semester, respectively.

Semester fee Expand entry

The semester fee is not a tuition fee. It is a total that every student has to pay for specific services to be received. For example, the semester fee includes your ticket for the public transport.

Thoska / Student identity card Expand entry

Thoska is your student identity card and your ticket for using the public transport, your copying and printing card, your culture ticket, it is a key for rooms and lockers, and also your wallet for canteen meals and washing machines in the halls of residence, all at the same time.

Leave of absence Expand entry

There are situations in life in which you may be unable or not want to study. A leave of absence from your studies may then be a reasonable option. As a general rule of thumb, you must be absent from your studies for at least 6 weeks of the lecture period to apply for a leave of absence.

Change of study programme Expand entry

Sometimes you have to change your course a few times until everything is OK. Should it be a new topic? Or would you prefer to study the same topic but complete a different course instead? A change of study programme can then be the right decision. 

Change of university Expand entry

You may change universities in both directions—from another location to Jena, and from Jena to another university. Often, your academic achievements can be taken into account if you continue with your studies at a different location.

Termination of enrolment Expand entry

The process to start a study programme is sometimes also called “matriculation”. The opposite of this procedure is the termination of enrolment. If the study programme is complete or if you would like to continue studying at another institution of higher education, you must terminate your enrolment at our university first.

Part-time studies Expand entry

It is possible in many, but not all fields of study within Friedrich Schiller University Jena to take part in part-time studies. Changing over to part-time studies is also possible mid-course if the subject permits it.

Long-term study fees Expand entry

Long-term study fees become due if students have exceeded a specific number of semesters. In this case, it does not matter about the specialization. The decisive factor is the total time spent at German institutions of higher education.

Registration for parallel studies at our university Expand entry

Upon formal request, students who are enrolled at another institution of higher education can also be enrolled at our university. They can then attend individual courses and examinations. Co-operative study programmes are also available which contain ranges of courses offered from several institutions of higher education. 

Visiting student who is a full-time student elsewhere Expand entry

Those who attend full study units at our university but are otherwise enrolled at another institution of higher education are classified as visiting students. The studies generally cover a whole subject, for example in teacher training.

Second undergraduate study programme Expand entry

As the name suggests, a second undergraduate study programme is a second course of study. This can either be a related subject or a dream study programme you have always wanted to do after graduation.

Studying within a network of universities Expand entry

In July 1995, the universities of Halle, Leipzig, and Jena signed an agreement giving their students the ability to tailor their studies to their interests. Since then, a regular student exchange has taken place between the three central institutions of higher education in Central Germany.

Friedolin Expand entry

Friedolin is the online student management system at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. You can create your schedule here, sign in for courses and examinations, see module catalogues or print a transcript of records.

Examinations Expand entry

Examinations have always been part of a successful studies. They have various forms: oral examinations with an examiner and assessor are an option alongside written examinations, homework, internship reports, seminar records, or practical performances, e.g. in sport.

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