Prospective students in front of the laptop

Other online lectures

for example about physics, linguistics and sociology
Prospective students in front of the laptop
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Experimental Physics II

Topic: ‘Charge, Electric Field and Potential’ from the lecture ‘Experimental Physics II | Lecturer: Prof. Dr Dr h. c. Gerhard G. Paulus, Institute of Optics and Quantum Electronics

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Topic: ‘Curious—Weightless? What you Weigh inside the Hollow Earth’ from the basic course ‘Experimental Physics II’ | Lecturer: Dr Silvio Fuchs, Professorship of Non-Linear Optics

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Perspectives of Constituent Analysis

Lecture from the seminar ‘Basics of German Grammar’ (compulsory for students of German Studies, German Linguistics, and German in teacher training programmes) | Self-production, courtesy of Dr Stefan Lotze, Institute of German Linguistics

Video: Dr. Stefan Lotze

Introduction to Sociological Theory

Topic: ‘Sociological Theory’ | Lecturer: Prof. Dr Hartmut Rosa, Institute of Sociology

International Organizations

Topic: ‘Global Health and Health Security: the WHO’ from the lecture ‘International Organizations: Theoretical and Empirical Basics’ | Lecturer: Juniorprof. Dr Christian Kreuder-Sonnen, Institute of Political Science

Video: Christian Kreuder-Sonnen

Search for scientific literature

Topic: »Search for scientific literature« | Lecturer: Dr. rer. nat. Ina Weiß, Faculty of Biological Sciences