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How can I get extra skills training? Which offers are available?
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As an early-stage researcher, you have to deal with a number of demanding tasks. You are performing research, often you also teach, instruct students, contribute to projects etc. At the same time, you gain valuable competences for future careers within and outside academia. In order to prepare you for your current and future activities, the Graduate Academy and other institutions of Friedrich Schiller University Jena offer a generic qualification programme specifically tailored to the needs of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

The programme covers a broad scope of topics in the areas: Fundamental Questions of Sciences and Humanities, Research Methods, Presenting and Publishing, Communication, Leadership and Management, Career Planning and Job Application, Languages as well as University Didactics Qualifications de.

Qualifications portal

Tablet mit Webseite des Qualifizierungsportal
Tablet mit Webseite des Qualifizierungsportal
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The registration for the various workshops is carried out via the main qualification portal of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. There you will find qualification offers of the Graduate Academy, the Service Centre LehreLernen and the Human Resources Department. You can register either with your computer centre credentials or as a guest. A flyer with an overview of all current courses can be found on this page.

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Qualification areas, formats and certificate programmes

Lupe mit Begriffen
What is good scientifc practice? How do other disciplines work?
Stift mit Statistiken
Statistics, literature and data management & Co.
Rednerpult mit Publikum
How do I communicate my results orally or in writing?
A team develops ideas and sticks notes on a window
Skills development for academia and other professional areas
How do I apply correctly? Which career path suits me best?
Mann mit Wortwolke
Offers of German and English workshops
Wand mit Moderationskarten
How do I make my seminars interesting?
Three Minute Thesis Competiton
Qualification offers beyond workshop and seminars
Mehrere Zertifikate
of Graduate Academy, Service Centre Lehrelernen and for TenureTrack Professors