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Beginning of studies for international students

Information for international students on the beginning of their studies before and after arrival
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Information on the beginning of studies for international students

Welcome to Jena! Please take note of the following information helping you prepare for your stay in Jena, your search for accommodation, arrival and enrolment, our mentoring programme, and the ultimate beginning of your studies. Our Welcome Days at the start of each semester, where you are able to meet other students and learn more about Jena and the University at a number of events held, are a real highlight.


Please note the regularly updated information about the Corona situation for international students.

Planning the winter semester 2020/21 Show content

The lecture period in the winter semester 2020/21 begins on 2 November 2020 and will end on 12 February 2021. Education will be conducted—at least partially—on site. The semester will have as many face-to-face components as possible and will be delivered as digitally as necessary. The University wants to facilitate on-site courses for first semester students in particular; students in higher semesters can expect certain courses such as practical laboratory courses and the supervision of degree theses to take place on site.

If you cannot obtain a visa or cannot arrive on time due to travel restrictions, please contact us We will then advise you on further steps.

Please note all the information below.

Preparing for your stay in Jena Show content

Searching for a flat/room:

Visa, arrival, enrolment, support:

Have a look at what is going on in Jena:

Enrolment and first information Show content
  • The lecture period of winter semester 2020/21 will start on 2 November 2020 and end on 12 February 2021. Please note the "Academic Calendar" in the Enrolment Guide [pdf, 5 mb] de.
  • The enrolment for winter semester 2020/21 cannot be made in person, but only by sending documents by POST, due to the Corona situation.
  • Postal enrolment is possible from 28.9. - 30.10.2020, 14:00 (DSH-course, guest studies: see special dates on your admission letter). After 30.10.2020, enrolment is no longer possible. Early enrolment is recommended, because only after enrolment the PIN for the Computer Centre Registration (necessary for the registration for, and participation in, study courses) is sent.
  • Erasmus+ students must start enrolment before or on 1 October 2020 in order not to risk any reduction of their scholarship (please ask your home university for exceptions).
  • If you do not receive a visa or are unable to enter Germany due to travel restrictions, please inform We will then check whether your study programme allows distance learning (and distance enrolment) in the winter semester 2020/21.
  • Daily FAQ session: 28.9.-30.10.2020, 9:00 - 10:00: zoom; Code: START2020
Orientation Days and subject-specific information Show content

Degree programmes (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, LLM, state examination, Diplom):

Guest studies: please note the information regarding ECTS and the portal Onleila in the course information for guest students

Welcome Days Show content

The Welcome Days and many other events help you to get to know the university and city of Jena and make new friends quickly.

  • The next Welcome Days will take place from 28 September - 12 November 2020.
German language courses (extracurricular) Show content

Please see the courses offered by our Language Centre.

Intercultural trainings Show content

Supported by the International Office of University of Jena, Pepito Consultings provide you free Intercultural Trainings (in English and German). The training is suitable for any host culture, especially for guest students in Germany.

WHAT? We will sensitize you towards interaction with people from diverse cultural  backgrounds.

  • The training is very interactive - there will be role-plays and opportunities to try out various types of communication with people from all over the world.
  • This year, our trainings are offered as interactive online workshops.
  • Each training takes place on one day (10:00-12:00 and 13:30-15:30).
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.


  • trainings offered this semester will be published here in October
  • more trainings in German de available

HOW? Please register for the training by sending an email to

  • Please name two possible dates (1st and 2nd choice).
  • You will get a confirmation of your reservation.
Results of the entry test for the DSH course in October 2020 Show content

Please find all results on the German website de.

If you cannot find your name in the list, please see the information for applicants [pdf, 56 kb] denot accepted for the DSH course.

Helpful videos for new students

Preparing for Jena:  Anna explains what you should do as an international student before coming to Germany, while looking for accommodation or planning your journey, how you can register for the mentoring programme, and which websites are most useful.

Enrolment: Anna explains what steps you should take after your arrival in Jena. You will learn everything about enrolment, registration with local offices and authorities, about opening a bank account, and health insurance.

To have the best study start possible, Anna shows you how to register with the University Computer Centre and the library, how to create your timetable, and how to sign up for German courses. She also gives you advice on how to meet other people quickly and suggests you some free time activities.

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