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Beginning of studies for international students

Information for international students before and after arrival
Graphic design start studying international
Graphic: B. Salheiser unter Verwendung eines Designs von S. Müller/Universität Jena
  • Most frequently asked, urgent questions

    What is the status of my application?

    Please check the status in our application portalExternal link.

    Is my enrolment completed with the application for enrolment? 

    No, please read "Preparing your enrolment" in the chapter Enrolment. To start and complete your enrolment, follow steps 1-7 in the same chapter.

    Has my application for enrolment been received?

    Please check the status in our application portalExternal link.

    Can I enroll/study online (outside Germany)?

    No, see Enrolment below.

    What should I do if my visa is granted late?

    Please read the first chapter in Enrolment. In case you cannot make it to Jena and complete your enrolment by 11 October 2024 at the latest, please email to

    I don't have a room yet. What should I do?

    Please search on the private market, in the cities near Jena. For more information, see Before Arrival, point 2 below.

    How do I get a mentor (buddy) to help me?

    See Before Arrival, point 5 below.

    Do I need a blocked account?

    All degree-seeking students from outside the EU will need a blocked account, see Living in Jena, no.2.

    When should I transfer my semester contribution?

    Play make the transfer only after arrival or when you have received your visa and are sure to come to Jena. See Enrolment, step 3 A.

    Can I enroll without a permanent address?

    Yes, the University accepts a temporary address for enrollment and does not need the official registration certificate. For the registration at the Residents Registration Office/Citizens Service you will need a certificate (Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung) from your accommodation provider. Registration should be made within 14 days after moving in (or at the next appointment available). See Living, step 1. 

    How do I get a semester ticket?

    After completing your enrolment, you will get your thoska which includes the semester ticket (valid from 1 April/1 October); until then please buy local transport tickets, e.g. the VMTExternal link weekly ticket. The Deutschlandticket (49€) may be cheaper than a monthly or regional ticket. Learn more

    Where can I print documents?

    If you (or friends) have got a thoska with credit on it, you may use the copy machines on campus or in the Computer Centre. Otherwise, take a USB drive (or send an email) to any of the copy shops (at Krautgasse, Schlossgasse, Unter der Kirche). Coin-operated copiers are located on level 0 in the main library building (Bibliotheksplatz 2) and in the Law, Economics and Social Sciences sub-library (Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3). Maybe a friend has got a printer?

    How can I pay at the canteen without my thoska?

    See the information about the thoska in the Enrolment chapter.

    Where can I leave my bags after arrival?

    Baggage lockers can be found at the Paradies stationExternal link.

    Will anybody pick me up at the airport?

    Jena does not offer this service. Please us the information about Travelling to Jena below to plan your journey.

Before arrival

If you want to print the information of this page, please first click on "Expand all entries".

The timeline/checklistpdf, 100 kb · de will help you planning.

  • 1. Send your documents to the University

    Please read carefully the instructions you received with your admission. Only when your application file is complete will we prepare your enrolment in the International Office (steps 1-7 below). If you live outside Germany, make steps 3-4 (semester contribution payment, address form, health insurance) only after arrival in Germany, i.e. not when sending the application for enrolment.

    1. Complete the application for enrolment in the Friedolin 2.0 portalExternal link
    2. print it,
    3. sign it and
    4. send it together with the documents (checklist on page 1-2) by air/courier post to the University. The address and the deadline are written on the first page of the application form.

    Enrolment can start only 2 workings days after the submission of your complete enrolment application with the required documents (copies of diplomas etc.).

  • 2. Visa

    Visa necessary?

    First, please check with the help of the Foreign Office portalExternal link if you need an entry visa if you want to study in Germany. Do not enter with a tourist/Schengen visa, because this is not valid for studying and cannot be changed into a student residence permit.

    If you already have a residence title, e.g. for au pair or work, please clarify 5 months before the start of your studies with the responsible Immigration Office whether you can continue your studies at the University of Jena directly afterwards or whether you have to leave Germany beforehand and apply for a visa from abroad.

    Your passport should be valid at least 6 more months.

    Visa application

    Please use your admission letter to apply for a student visa as soon as you receive it. It is not necessary to submit any certificates regarding the teaching format.

    If you are required to provide a university contact person in the visa application, please use the contact data of the respective staff member.

    Proof of financial ressources

    Applying for a student visa or residence permit, students should be able to prove sufficient financial means of EUR 11,208 (2024) for the first year in a blocked accountExternal link. All foreign students may have to provide a proof of their financial circumstances from their home country in order to show how they intend to finance their stay in Germany. This proof must be submitted to the Immigration Office where required. This attestation should be issued and signed either by the scholarship provider (DAAD etc.), parents/guardians or private sponsor. You can also submit a bank statement confirming that you have sufficient funds on your bank account. You should set aside approx. EUR 750-900/month to cover rent, health insurance, food, books, and personal items.

    Health insurance 

    Applying for a student visa, you will have to show a health insurance for travel to Germany. You can freely choose this health insurance for the trip, but please also note the information provided by the German embassy.

    For the enrolment other rules apply, see below. Some of the insurance providers mentioned there also offer travel insurances which are valid for visa applications.

    Changing to the University of Jena from another German university or changing your study programme:

    It may be that your current visa is valid for the studies at your old university only (see the green paper in addition to your visa card) or for your olf study programme. Complete your enrolment by 15 February/August and apply for your new residence permit right away.

    • Changing the University: In this case, you must apply for a new student visa after enrolling the the University of Jena. 
    • Change of study programme (e.g. from guest studies or DSH course to regular studies, or change of subject): In the case of such a change, it is not always possible to stay without leaving Germany and re-applying for a visa. Please inform your local Immigration Office (Ausländerbehörde) about your plans before you make the change. Please note that changes from the DSH course to the Master's course or from the Master's course to the Bachelor's course will not be approved without detailed justification.

    After enrolment

    Please see the information about applying for a student residence permit at the Immigration Office below.

  • 3. Accommodation/housing/room search

    You do NOT have an automatic room reservation with your admission to studies. You must search for your accomodation yourself. Start searching at least three months before arriving. The housing situation in Jena is very difficult now! There are no dormitory places left.

    Option 1: Apply for a room in the dormitory of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen

    Apply for a furnished room in one of the  halls of residenceExternal link in any case, even if you have not received your admission letter yet.  ApplyExternal link by 15 January or 15 July. Make sure you remember to confirm your application and subsequent offer by e-mail, too. If you get an offer, please accept it, there will be no second offer, don't be picky. If finally you do not want to take the room, you can reject the offer before lectures start. 

    Places are few and there is a high demand, therefore there is no guarantee you will be given a place in the halls of residence. Therefore, please also read the information regarding private rental offers:

    Option 2: Private rooms, apartments, shared flats

    Please be aware that it can be extremely difficult to find a private accommodation in Jena and that, if you are successful, it might be rather expensive. We therefore recommend you also look for accommodation in neighbouring cities (e.g. Weimar, Erfurt, Kahla, Gera, Apolda, Camburg, Stadtroda, Rudolstadt, Saalfeld) to where you can commute for free with your semester ticket.

    Beware! There are fraudulent offersExternal link (DE) out there. You should not do the following:

    • Transfer money ("advance payment", "deposit") before you have seen the room and received a contract.
    • Transfer money abroad
    • Accept location sight unseen
    • Other tipsExternal link (DE)

    Get advice: Podcast and workshops about room search

    Listen to our podcast about the topic and please find the dates of the next workshops about the room search in the calendar (select Welcome Days in the filter), in which the InfoCafé team will give advice on how to search for a room.

  • 4. Financing studies

    Please be aware of the fact that you will not automatically receive a scholarship, unless your admission letter says so.

    Please see our information about financing your studies.

  • 5. Travelling to Jena, scheduling your arrival

    Scheduling your arrival

    Please be aware of the various dates for

    • the lecture period and the Orientation Days (see below) and
    • DSH Course: entrance test
    • the enrolment (see below).
    • the German intensive course of the University Language Centre (see below),
    • arriving in your dorm. If you are living in one of the halls of residence of theS tudierendenwerk, you should ask the responsible student dormitory residential tutor when you can move in to your room; ask your housing provider if your room is available earlier. Otherwise, please organize other accommodation (see "Accommodation" above).
    • a pre-course/German course you might be attending before the beginning of the semester (1.4./1.10.):
    • different timetables may apply on public holidays and at weekends. Shops are closed on Sundays and public holidays (Good Friday, Easter Monday, and German Unity Day on 3 October).

    Travelling to Jena

    1. If you cannot come by train/bus/car (Autobahn A4/A9) only, please fly to airports Leipzig, Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin which have a good and sometimes direct train or bus connection to Jena.
    2. Take a train or bus directly to Jena or via Erfurt/Weimar/Leipzig. Schedules and tickets are available at: DB NavigatorExternal link, FlixbusExternal link. You may also consider booking a lift at link. Be careful through.
    3. In Jena, take a bus or tram:  JeNahExternal link, VMTExternal link . Taxis (+49 3641 458888) are expensive.
    4. The DeutschlandticketExternal link (49€) may be used on all local public transport (not IC/ICE trains, private coach or train services).
    5. Baggage lockers can be found at the Paradies stationExternal link.

    Learn more about transportation

  • 6. Welcome Buddies help you with first steps (mentoring programme)

    Welcome Buddies (International Office mentoring programme) help international students after arrival with administrative procedures, the enrolment at the university and the registration at the city authorities, with everything you need to do to start your studies. Welcome buddies are usually available from late September until mid-October, before lectures start.

    Please ask for a Welcome Buddy by registering in our mentoring programme two-three weeks before your arrival. You will receive the contact details of your Welcome Buddy after having sent your exact arrival date to the buddy management and approximately two weeks before your arrival in Jena. You may find further information regarding support.

  • 7. Useful apps & WiFi

    You may buy prepaid SIM cards with internet credit at the airport, big railway stations and online.

  • 8. Bring these items with you
    • Passport or identity card
    • Vaccination records
    • Admission letter to study at the University of Jena
    • Erasmus students: Certificate of Arrival/Attendance (you will receive this from your home university)
    • Smartphone with SIM card and internet credit
    • Laptop
    • Clothes for all weather conditions
    • Debit or credit card (for the semester contribution payment (see enrolment step 3A) and other payments) 
    • At least EUR 1,000 in cash for the first 4-6 weeks.
  • 9. Get prepared: Pre-arrival workshops (online)

    The International Office offers workshops before enrollment begins to prepare you for your start of studies. Here you can also ask questions. The following topics will be covered:

    • Dormitory application
    • Visa application
    • Financing your studies
    • Arrival organization
    • Mentoring programme
    • Enrolment
    • Orientation days
    • Welcome days
    • Information material
    • FAQ: all other questions you wish to ask.

    You can find details about the pre-arrival workshops for degree-seeking students and DSH course participants on 24 July und 11 September 2024 in the calendar.

    We do not offer a recording or pdf of these workshops, because you may find all information on this website here.

    Guest (exchange) students please note the dates of their special workshops.

    Language and Culture

    The Study in Thuringia platform offers two courses on Language & Culture and Everday Life. The courses are free of charge and have a modular structure. link 

Enrolment/registration (international students)

Please do these enrolment step 1 before, steps 2-7 only after arriving in Germany/Jena.

If you want to print the information of this page, please first click on "Expand all entries". You may get a printed Enrolment Guide pdf, 2 mb · deat the WecomeCafé or the display opposite room 17 UHG (Fürstengraben 1). Please also listen to our podcast .

The timeline/checklistpdf, 100 kb · de will help you planning.

  • Semester dates, enrolment deadlines, in case of questions

    Dates and important deadlines:

    The winter semester begins on 1 October 2024, lectures start on 14 October 2024. Note: Thursday, 3 October 2024, is a public holiday; public institutions like the University and all shops are closed.

    The Study Orientation Days (STET) will take place between 1 and 11 October 2024.

    Recommendation: Start your enrolment (= submission of documents according to steps 3-4) before 2 October 2024, in order not to miss the Study Orientation Days and seat allocation for the lectures. See chapter 2, STET.

    DSH course participants please start your enrolment only after the entrance test on 30 September and by 11 October 2024. Please note the special instructions you will receive after admission and at the entrance test.

    Why dates and deadlines are important: 

    Only after starting your enrolment (= submission of the correct documents according to steps 3-4) you will receive your PIN for the registration at the University Computer Centre (step 5, Campus login). This is technically possible on the following day only. You will need this login to register for courses in the Friedolin portal (= building your time table). (See chapter 2, STET).

    You will also receive your student ID thoska (incl. the semester ticket) a few days after completing steps 3-4.

    What happens if you miss these deadlines:

    Do not panic. If you start your enrolment after 25 March 2024, you may still register for courses but without guarantee to get a seat in courses with restricted admission. You may have to ask the lecturers whether admission is still possible in courses with restricted admission (Admission is no longer possible in German courses of the Language Centre or the DSH course).

    Enrolment is not possible:

    • after Friday, 11 October 2024, 12 a.m., or
    • from outside Germany (no enrolment/study from abroad)
    • or by third persons (in your stead).
    • If you cannot obtain a visa or cannot enter Germany in time due to travel restrictions, please let us know: and please reapply for the next year. We have no influence on the granting of visas. 

    If you have questions:

    Please first read all the information in this website carefully.

    If your cannot find our answer here, please

    • ask your Welcome Buddy (Have not got any yet? Then register here) or
    • come to the WelcomeCafé at the International Centre (Johannisplatz 26), 23 September - 11 October 2024, Mon-Fri, 13:00-15:00 (except 3 October) or
    • write an email to us at
    • use the My Mobile Tutor app: all about the University, Jena, events, map, everyday life: External link
  • Step 1: Application for enrolment (before arrival, deadline see admission letter)

    Please read carefully the instructions you received with your admission. You will have to send an enrolment application and documents to create a student file. Only when your application file is complete will we prepare your enrolment in the International Office (steps 2-7 below). Steps 3-4 (semester contribution payment, contact data, health insurance) should be made only after arrival in Germany.

    1. Complete the application for enrolment in the Friedolin 2.0 portalExternal link,
    2. print it,
    3. sign it and
    4. send it together with the documents (checklist on page 1-2) by air/courier post to the University. The address and the deadline are written on the first page of the application form.

    Enrolment can start only 2 workings days after the submission of your complete enrolment application with the required documents (copies of diplomas etc.).

    You can see the status of your enrolment in the Friedolin 2.0 portalExternal link,

    • Status "Request for enrolment" = your application has not yet arrived
    • Status "Application for enrolment in progress" = your application has arrived but is not yet complete, see details in the portal and steps 3-4 below  
    • Info "missing documents" = your application is not complete, see details in the portal and steps 3-4 below 
    • Status "Enrolled" = your application is complete, but you may still have to wait for your PIN and thoska (steps 5-7), please read messages in the portal and your emails

    Note on health insurance: if, at the time of applying fo enrolment, you have not got a German health insurance yet, please indicate this in the application (select no health insurance yet).

  • Step 2: WelcomeCafe, ENROLMENT Guide

    Visit the WelcomeCafé at the International Centre (Johannisplatz 26), 23 September-11 October 2024, Monday-Friday 13:00-15:00 (except 3 October 2024).

    Here you will get your printed Enrolment Guide, helpful answers and guidance about the enrollment, and you will meet nice people.

  • Step 3 A: Pay the semester contribution (after arrival)

    All students of the University of Jena have to pay the semester fee. The semester contribution is not a tuition fee. The contribution includes the student union fee, the train ticket, the JeNah ticket, the culture ticket, the Thoska and the contribution for the student council.

    Please pay only after you arrive in Germany.

    Cash payment is not possible. You have two options for payment:

    OPTION 1: Card payment

    You may pay by MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, VPay or EC debit/giro crad at the International Office during the office hours (no appointments needed, just take a waiting ticket from the machine beside the office door). If you have not got such a card yourself, you may also ask a friend whether you may use theirs.

    Please bring your card, card PIN and passport/personal ID.

    Document for enrolment: Not necessary to submit proof of payment.

    OPTION 2: Bank transfer

    Note the information about bak accounts below. You can use your own activated German or SEPA bank account (or friends', if it takes too long to activate your account). Before transferring money, make sure that the bank/your friend gives you a German or English receipt of the transfer. Transfers from banks abroad are not accepted!

    For the winter semester 2024/25 please transfer (amount not set yet) € to this account:

    • Recipient: Friedrich Schiller University Jena
    • Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank
    • IBAN: DE09 8200 0000 0083 0015 03
    • reason for payment: 242-applicant number-799, first name last name
      (for example: 242-123456-799, Max Mustermann). 

    Document for enrolment:

    • An order document ("order", "remittance received", "Auftrag") is not sufficient! Submit a document with booking date, so:
    • Bank statement/transaction printout: you will receive the bank statement/transaction printout 2 - 3 days after the transfer at the ATM.
    • Onlinebanking: whole computer screenshot of booked transactions
    • The proof must be in German or English.
    • It must contain the payment details, booking date, name of the account holder and number of his/her account.
    • Make sure the full amount is transferred; banking fees must be paid by yourself.
    • Hand in your proof as requested in step 5 below.
  • Step 3 B: Fill in the address form with your current contact data (after arrival)

    All new students have to submit their current postal address and contact data in Germany.

    Fill in the form:

    Please note:

    1. Fill in your current data, after moving into your German accommodation.
    2. If you do not know your student numer yet, leave it empty.
    3. Write in the form what exactly (names, numbers) is written on your mailbox. Make sure your name is on the mailbox.
    4. We do NOT need your Meldebescheinigung (registration certificate) from the Bürgerservice.
    5. Hand in the paper form, not by email. See step 5 below.

    In addition, you may also submit the Emergency contact formpdf, 216 kb · de (data of your contact persons whom the student administration may contact in case of emergency). 

  • Step 3 C: Register at your health insurance

    Your insurance must be valid for the entire duration of your stay at the University, i.e. from the first day of the semester (1 April/October) until the day of the de-registration. Register after arrival in Germany/Jena.

    Students of under 30 years of age:

    A German public health insurance is standard for students under the age of 30. In Jena, there are:

    However, if you have got a statutory EU health insurance (EHIC) or a private insurance (for example provided by your scholarship  such as DAAD), you must apply for exemption from the obligation to have a statutory German health insurance (or buy one). Contac a statutory the insurances (e.g. AOK, DAK or TK, see above) and submit to them a photocopy of the following items:

    • passport/id card,
    • admission letter,
    • European Halth Insurance card or substitute certificate or private health insurance contract,
    • your complete German address (you may use the form of step 2 above).
    • When registering with the health insurance company, please mention the "sender number" H0000923 of the University of Jena.
    • The health insurance company will register your status "M10.2" electronically with the university. You do not have to hand in any documents to the University.

    Note: Please make sure that you have sufficient insurance coverage. The university does not cover any costs in case of illness.

    Students over the age of 30, Participants in the DSH-Course or Study College, Guest Doctoral Candidates:

    ... should also have a health insurance (and must show a proof when applying for a residence permit). You can only be voluntary members of the public health insurance system. The alternative is  a German private insurance such as Care StudentExternal link, Educare24, External linkYoung Travel ProfiExternal link (Hanse-Merkur/Advigon), Mawista StudentExternal linkVela optimalExternal link or Travel Secure YoungExternal link (Würzburger). Make sure you choose the health plan which also covers rehabilitation, pregnancy and psychotherapy. Some also offer combinations with Travel, liability and accident insurances.

    You do not have to hand in any documents to the University.

    Do you need a doctor?

    Please see the information about finding a doctor and studying with a disability or chronical illness.

  • Step 4: Submit documents to complete your enrolment (after arrival)
    IO letter box
    IO letter box
    Image: Britta Salheiser (Universität Jena)

    Submit the following documents as paper copies to the International Office as quickly as possible after arrival, by 11 October 2024, 12:00 noon, at the latest.

    • the form with your current German address (see step 3 A above)
    • proof of payment of semester fee (see step 3 B above)

    in an envelope, addressed to:

    International Office, SG International Students
    Universität Jena
    Fürstengraben 1
    07743 Jena.

    Submit your documents:

    • in the letter box of the International Office next to room 0.18, Fürstengraben 1 (see picture above) or
    • in the letter box in front of the University Main Building at Fürstengraben 1 (entrance at Schlossgasse; delivery takes one extra day) or
    • by regular mail (delivery may take up to one week).
    • NOT by email.

    Printing/copying without thoska:

    You can print/copy your documents that you are supposed to hand in for enrollment with a USB stick (or by e-mail) in one of the copy stores e.g. Krautgasse, Schlossgasse, Unter der Kirche. Coin-operated copiers are located on level 0 in the main library building (Bibliotheksplatz 2) and in the Law, Economics and Social Sciences sub-library (Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3). But maybe neighbors/friends have a printer or thoska?

  • Step 5: Campus login, university email account (after arrival)

    Registration at the University Computer Centre

    You must register at the University Computer Centre; the use of your email address is mandatory.

    You receive the PIN for registration by email from the International Office after submitting the proof of paying the semester contribution and your German postal address form (step 3 A and 3 B above).

    One day after receiving your student ID number and your PIN, register at link (select the language at the top right-hand corner). It is not ossible to register on the same day for technical reasons. Note down your login and password! 

    After registration, you...

    • may change the password,
    • must activate your University’s mailboxExternal link as the University will send official messages only to this one. Of course, you can change the options accordingly so that the messages are forwarded to your private e-mail address (After login to webmailExternal link, click on: Mail --> Filter --> Foward --> insert the address to which your wish your emailst o be forwarded --> save).
    • use the University’s course and examination management portal Friedolin 1.0External link.
    • print student certificates from Friedolin 1.0External link.
    • use the WiFi on campus and in student dormitories (fees).

    Free internet access is available in the city

    Wifi hotspots are available in all main university facilities. But you can only access them with private computers after registering in the University Computer Centre. In order to use the internet in halls of residence (€10/month), you also need to register at the UCC first in order to be able to gain access from the Studierendenwerk.

  • Step 6: Student ID card thoska, semester ticket (after arrival)

    Once you have submitted all of the documents that are required for enrolment purposes to the International Office (see above), we will process them, finalize your enrolment and order your student ID card thoska be produced.

    A few days later we will inform you by email when you can come and get your thoska during our office hours.

    Information about all thoska functions can be found here.

    Your thoska contains a semester ticket; please find more information about this hereExternal link. Before receiving your thoska, please buy a ticket for the local transport VMTExternal link

    Eating in the canteen: As long as you do not have your own thoska, you can a) pay for food or drinks with EC (maestro)/Visa/Master Card at the guest price or b) ask other students if they can pay for you with their thoska (you will give the money back to them in cash).

  • Step 7: Print certificates of student status (Studienbescheinigung) (after arrival)

    You may print student certificates for the Immigration Office, your bank or other institutions from Friedolin 1.0External link after registering for your campus login (see step 5 above).

    For more information, see Living in Jena.

  • Erasmus Programme: arrival/departure certificate

    Students who receive an Erasmus grant from their home university should hand in the form confirming the day of arrival (start of guest study period) to the International Office (mailbox next to office 0.18 UHG) immediately after arrival.

    You will receive this form from your home university. The IO Jena will fill in the form and send it to your home university via email. The form will remain in your student file.

    We, on prinicple, confirm the first day of the semester (1.10./1.4.) as the start date and the day of exmatriculation as the end date. Please clarify possible effects on your scholarship with your home university; you may also need to use your travel documents as an additional proof for your home university.

    Please do not forget to hand in the departure form (confirmation of the day of departure or duration of stay) before leaving Jena.

Study Orientation (STET), Time Tabling

If you want to print the information of this page, please first click on "Expand all entries". You may get a printed Study Guide at the WelcomeCafé or the display opposite room 17 UHG (Fürstengraben 1) . Please also watch the video.

  • 1. Academic Calendar: Semester Dates

    The summer semester 2024 started on 1 April 2024 and ends on 30 September 2024. The lecture period started on 2 April 2024 and ends on 5 July 2024. Make sure to arrive before the Orientation Days.

    The winter semester 2024/25 starts on 1 October 2024 and ends on 31 March 2025. The lecture period starts on 14 October 2024 and ends on 7 February 2025. Make sure to arrive before the Orientation Days. 

    See all dates in detail.

    Note the dates of public holidays in ThuringiaExternal link. On public holidays, the University and shops (except at airports, big train stations, gas stations) are closed.

  • 2. Degree-seeking studies

    IMPORTANT! With your enrolment, you are NOT automatically registered four your courses. You must build your timetable and register for modules and exams yourself. You learn how to do this during the STET (study Orientation Days).

    DO NOT MISS: Study Orientation Days (STET) 1-11 October 2024

    You should complete your enrolment and register at the University Computer Centre at least 1 day before, see above

    The STET will offer central information about organizing your studies and subject-specific information about your study programme. You may find all this at: Orientation Days 

    VERY IMPORTANT: Friedolin 1.0 introduction 

    If you have missed STET and for questions and advice, please contact your subject-specific academic advisor or Examinations Office. Their contact details can be found in the study programme description. You may also ask students of the Student Representative Council (Fachschaftsrat); you may find their contact on the website of the StuRaExternal link or of the Faculty/Institute/Study Programme (tipp: ask advanced students!).

    The International Office offers a subject-specific academic mentoring programme to ensure your study success

  • 3. Guest studies

    Guest (exchange) students please note the information regarding ECTS and the portal Onleila, course and exam registration in the course information for guest students

  • 4. Results of DSH exams and entrance tests

    The results of the DSH exam in July 2024 and the DSH course entrance test in September 2024 will be sent to participants by email in due time.

  • 5. Learn German or other languages (extracurricular)

    Learn/practice German - for study, job search, social interaction. Please note

    • the German courses offered by the Language Centre and
    • the registration (mandatory!, until 8 October 2024) and
    • the placement test on 8 October 2024 online (mandatory!)
    • the enrolment for courses is possible only after taking the placement test (exception: students without any prior knowledge), takes places on 11 October 2024.
    • Registered participants will receive more information from the Language Centre by email.

    The Campus Europa courseExternal link combines German language course (B2-C1) with German and European studies.

    There are also courses in many other languagesExternal link at (almost) all levels, no placement test there. Use the time to discover the world this way and get into conversation with other students!

  • 6. Tools for digital/hybrid studies

    For digital or hybrid studies, orgainzing your studies or examinations, or collaborating with other students, there are several tools.

Welcome on Campus

If you want to print the information of this page, please first click on "Expand all entries". You may get a printed Study Guide at the WelcomeCafé or the display opposite room 17 UHG (Fürstengraben 1) .

  • 1. WelcomeCafé and Welcome Days

    The Welcome Days and many other events help you to get to know the University and city of Jena and make new friends quickly.

    • The Welcome Days  take place from 25 March - 30 April 2024 (23 September-31 October 2024). Join in!
    • Find all events of the Welcome Days in the calendar. (Filter "Welcome days")
    • Visit the WelcomeCafé at the International Centre for advice, workshops, meeting nice people, having fun. The InfoCafé is open 23 September-11 October 2024, Monday-Friday 13:00-15:00 (except 3 October).
  • 2. University Sports

    The UNISPORT offers a huge variety of sports classes and other sports possibilities to stay fit and healthy all year round. Save money by registering for the UNISPORT Card!

    After your registration you can subscribe for any UNISPORT Card class you want. The subscription is possible 24 hours prior the beginning of the class. 

    Have youmissed the registration deadline? Try and ask the trainer at the first meeting whether you may take part, after all (no guarantee).

    Any questions? Feel free to contact us

  • 3. International campus - Intercultural trainings

    The University of Jena has an international campus: students and scientist from over 100 countries from all continents study and work here. Everyone can expect mutual consideration, openness and tolerance from everyone else.

    Intercultural competenceis a key competence. The Trainings are aimed at students who

    • are eagerly planning their next stay abroad or 
    • already study today as an incoming student in Jena or 
    • take care of foreign students as a mentor or 
    • simply intend to work in the international arena in future days or 
    • are just interested in enhancing their intercultural competence out of pure curiosity.

    The International Office of the University of Jena offers you a free intercultural training.

    For all information about the next trainings (late summer/autumn 2024) and on how to register please see the calendar (filter by "training").

  • 4. Healthy studying

    The Student Health Management offers workshops and advice.

    The Unisport de offers manifold courses to stay fit physically.

    Don't stay by yourself! - Here de are a few tips where to meet people and spend your free time nicely.

    Psychological support is offered by the StudierendenwerkExternal link and the Mental Health First Aid.

Living in Jena: also important after arrival

If you want to print the information of this page, please first click on "Expand all entries". You may get a printed Study Guide at the WelcomeCafé or the display opposite room 17 UHG (Fürstengraben 1) .

  • 1. City residents' registration office

    Within 14 days after entering the country (or at the next available date), you should register your residential address at the Citizens' Service Centre of your place of residence. To do this, you will need a housing provider certificate, which you will receive from your landlord.

    In Jena, you must book an appointment onlineExternal link. If you live in another city, please ask your housing provider where to register.

    Note: it is not necessary to hand in your registration certificate for enrolment.

  • 2. Bank account

    For recurring payments like rent, health insurance, mobile phone/internet, broadcasting fee (see point 4 below) and much more you need an account.

    If you are an EU citizen and have an account in the EU (SEPA), you can use it.

    All degree-seeking students from outside the EU (also for the DSH course) will need a blocked accountExternal link (or online blocked account) at a German bank, at least for their first year of studies.

    The following list is in alphabetical order and does not convey any recommendations. 

    After arrival, open an account here at your place of residence in Germany (or activate your blocked account, which you had to open for the visa application). Some banks require a minimum term and/or a valid visa/residence permit.

    When choosing, pay attention to the monthly fees and conditions, terms and cancellation periods, costs for all services associated with the account.

  • 3. Immigration Office: student residence permit
    • Non-EU citizens whose entry visa is shorter than the planned stay must apply for a residence title for the purpose of studying at the latest 2 months before the expiry of the entry visa. 
    • Non-EU citizens who were able to enter without a visa apply for a residence title for the purpose of studying no later than 6 weeks after entry.
    • You may print student certificates (valid without stamp and signature) for the Immigration Office from FriedolinExternal link.
    • Applying for a residence permit at the Immigration Office is possible only 2-3 working days after registering your address at the City Resident's Registration Office.
    • If you live in Jena, send your documents for applying for a residence title to the Aliens' Registration Office of the City of Jena. Further informationExternal link.
    • If you do not live in Jena, ask your registration office (Bürgerservice/ Einwohnermeldeamt) where your Aliens' Registration Office is located and how to register there.

    If your appointment for collecting your residence permit is after your visa/old permit becomes invalid and before your leave Jena, request an earlier appointment by email. 

  • 4. Broadcasting licence fees

    Every household has to pay the broadcasting licence fee, known as the Rundfunkbeitrag (previously GEZ), even if there is no television, radio or internet. The good news is that people living in a shared flat can divide the fee amongst the occupants. Watching television and listening to the radio are good ways to learn German. There are really great broadcasts. You can find more information on the licence fee hereExternal link

  • 5. Working

    You may find the most relevant information about working as a student here.

    Get advice and more information about your job search at the Career Point!

  • 6. More about living in Jena

    Our Website "Living in Jena" contains plenty of further information, for example about:

    • financing your studies, working
    • finding a doctor, studying with a disability or chronical illness
    • spending your free time and meeting people
    Learn more
  • 7. Studying and living in Thuriniga - online preparation courses

    Properly prepare yourself for your studies in Germany! In our four free courses (or course blocks) you will learn how to get off to a good start for your stay abroad.

    From initial problems of everyday communication and study organisation to questions about study financing and career planning – our experienced testimonials are at your fingertips with important advice on every topic!

    Learn moreExternal link

My Mobile Tutor app, helpful videos and podcasts

With My Mobile Tutor you have all the information you need about the university and the city, Friedolin, the canteen menu, the bus timetable and the events calendar in one app. In German and English. Free of charge. Click here for the appExternal link.

Preparing for Jena:  The video explains what you should do as an international student before coming to Germany, while looking for accommodation or planning your journey, how you can register for the mentoring programme, and which websites are most useful.

Youtube video pre-arrival international
Screenshot: MediaArt Oestreich

Enrolment: in this podcast episode we discuss all steps of enrolment in detail. The podcast series covers other topics too.

placeholder image — Logo podcast international
Enrolment made easy
This episode is about the important dates and the individual steps of enrolment and on where to find support after arrival.
Graphic: Sabine Müller
Audio: University of Jena

To have the best study start possible, watch the video to learn how to register with the University Computer Centre and the library, how to create your timetable, and how to sign up for German courses. You also receive advice on how to meet other people quickly and suggestions of some free time activities.

Youtube video study start international
Screenshot: MediaArt Oestreich

Listen to more helpful information in our pocast "Uni Jena international". 

International Office – International Students

Universitätshauptgebäude (UHG), Room Room 0.17-0.19
Fürstengraben 1
07743 Jena Google Maps site planExternal link

Opening hours:
Please see the office hours of the individual persons (follow the link "More information" on the left).