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Termination of enrolment

The formal end of studies
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General information

The official beginning of studies is the enrolment to a university, sometimes also called “matriculation”. Its opposite is removal from the register of students, i.e. termination of enrolment. If the course is complete or if you would like to continue studies at another institution of higher education, you should terminate your enrolment at our university first.

There are two options. In the first one, after a semester is complete, you just not re-register, meaning that you do not pay the semester fee for the following semester. After a specific period of time, you will be removed from the study programme (“removed ex officio”). In this case, you would receive no confirmation or evidence which you may need later on for pension claims or similar. Your thoska card is then no longer valid from the beginning of the new semester, i.e. 1 October or 1 April, whilst any credit left on the chip card is lost. We therefore not recommend your this option.

You might rather opt for the following one: if you have completed your course or would like to change university, then complete both sides of the application for termination of enrolment pdf, 1 mb · deand submit it to the Student Service Centre. You will then receive confirmation of termination of enrolment and a certificate for pension insurance. Keep them both safe as you will need these for evidence later on.


The transcript of records should already have been printed from Friedolin before termination of enrolment. If you want to keep the e-mails from your university e-mail account, you should download them before termination of enrolment. Do not forget to return your books to the library and treat yourself to something nice with the money left on your thoska card.

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