Dr. Brunhilde Seidel-Kwem, Stefanie Völkel-Beltran, Sam Quaas and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kamradt honor Gregor Hayn-Leichsenring with the 'Janus-Cornarius-Lehrpreis' 2022

Medicine teaching prize goes to anatomy

The students of the Medical Student Council honour PD Dr. Gregor Hayn-Leichsenring with this year's 'Janus Cornarius Teaching Award'
Dr. Brunhilde Seidel-Kwem, Stefanie Völkel-Beltran, Sam Quaas and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kamradt honor Gregor Hayn-Leichsenring with the 'Janus-Cornarius-Lehrpreis' 2022
Image: Uta von der Gönna/UKJ


Jena (Jena University Hospital). A total of seven teachers and teaching teams were nominated by the medical students for this year's teaching award of the student council. The courses worthy of the award come from the first to the 10th semester, i.e. the entire curriculum before the practical year. "We want to honour those who set the tone for the medical studies in Jena with their ideas, outstanding methods or special commitment," says Stefanie Völkel-Beltran from the student council, describing the motivation behind the award. 

"He can just explain damn well"

PD Dr. Gregor Hayn-Leichsenring received the most of the almost 700 votes awarded for his lectures and seminars on macroscopic anatomy in the first three semesters. The students justified their choice with comments such as "He can simply explain damn well", "...makes great efforts to create an open and pleasant learning atmosphere" and "an incredible amount of commitment and love for the subject". The special understanding was also frequently emphasised for the problems of students in crisis. "It was close to my heart to conduct the courses in presence and to resume the courses in the dissecting room as soon as this was possible in order to support the social aspects of the studies, which were, after all, neglected for a long time," emphasises Gregor Hayn-Leichsenring. He also received high praise for his communication with the students and his efforts to use the feedback to further improve teaching.

Hayn-Leichsenring intends to donate the prize money of 500 euros, which is provided by the support association of the University Hospital, to Future Cleantech Architects, an organisation that works to develop technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions internationally. The award winner thus confirms another voting comment: "...enthusiastic about his own subject, but also with an eye for the big picture. A lecturer who not only imparts knowledge, but also enthusiasm."

Since 2010, the Medical Student Council has awarded a prize to teachers for their special commitment. The teaching prize is named after the first Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jena, Janus Cornarius, who translated the study literature of his time from Greek into Latin, thus giving medical students access to a wide range of books in the 16th century.


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