Teaching award winners 2017

Teaching Award 2017

Teaching award winners 2017
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

13 proposals were submitted for the 2017 Teaching Awards. On 21 June 2017, the Academic Affairs Committee of the Senate decided on the awards.

  • Dr Sandra Stuwe  (Institute of Romance Studies) and Sophie Picard (formerly Institute of German Literature) receive the award for the best course concept (€2,500) for the jointly conducted seminar ‘Übersetzerwerkstatt: Contes de Voltaire’.

This award recognizes an interdisciplinary, project-based concept that encourages students to work independently and cooperatively. In the course of the semester and supervised by the two teachers, the students jointly produced a publishable translation of Voltaire's story Micromégas. The acquisition of translation skills was combined with the acquisition of linguistic, literary and cultural studies knowledge. The interweaving of theoretical and practical elements made it possible to apply, reflect on and consolidate what had been learned in a direct and interlocking way. The nominating students perceived the scientific collaboration in the workshop format as highly motivating and productive. The award-winning approach can also be transferred to learning situations in other philologies.

  • The award in the thematic priority area Teaching concepts for the introductory phase of studies (€2,500 €) was conferred to Prof. Dr Martin Mundhenk and the Mathematics student representative committee on behalf of the teachers and students in the faculty who jointly developed the concept for the redesign of the introductory phase of studies in mathematics.

A support model is awarded that addresses learning difficulties of first-year students in a combined approach. The concept is based on three core components, which are geared towards active accompaniment of self-study and continuous feedback on learning progress:

  1. a design of exercises which promotes interaction,
  2. expert tutorial assistance in the Mathe-Café, and
  3. concentrated exam preparation at the exam preparation weekend organized by the student representative committee.

All modules have in common the goal of supporting students in acquiring elementary mathematical competencies and introducing them to the independent study of mathematical questions. As a pilot project, Prof. Anke Pohl has redesigned the exercises for the lecture ‘Analysis für Lehramtsstudierende’. The more open design makes it possible to deal with the participants' difficulties more individually and to teach them how to approach problems methodically.

The committee was impressed by the cooperation of teachers and students in the effort to sustainably improve the entry into the programme and the extraordinary initiative of the Mathematics student representative committee.

The award ceremony took place during the DIES LEGENDI on 16 November 2017 in the Rosensäle. It gave lecturers and students the opportunity to exchange views on aspects of good teaching.