Teaching award winners 2019

Teaching Award 2019

Teaching award winners 2019
Image: Maik Schuck

An award was presented for the best course concept (€2,500). This year, an additional award was presented in the thematic priority area ‘Integration of teacher training in university teaching’ (€2,500).

Two excellent teaching concepts were selected from among the nominations received.

The award for the best course concept goes to Dr Carina Gräf-Giesen (Institute of Psychology) for the lecture ‘Empirische Forschungsmethoden’.

This award is presented for a lecture in which the selected teaching methods are outstandingly suitable for conveying the corresponding teaching content. The use of different methods and media (e.g. live demonstration, questioning, and peer-to-peer instruction with PINGO) is carried out in a didactically justified manner in each case and is implemented consistently. This makes it possible for students to experience difficult and abstract lecture content that is fundamental to their studies, and thus to achieve an activation of students’ learning even in the context of a large event. Furthermore, the good transferability of this teaching concept to other subject areas in the context of teaching empirical research methods should be particularly emphasized.

The award in the thematic priority area ‘Integration of teacher training in university teaching’ goes to Dr Fabian Pettig (Institute of Geography) for the seminar ‘Sinn und Unsinn digitaler Lernumgebungen im Geographieunterricht’.

This seminar takes up a central challenge in teacher training: digitization. The potential of digital media in geography teaching is reflected on in a scientific and subject-related way. With this approach, the didactic justification of digitization concepts succeeds in an exemplary way.
At the same time, this teaching concept is characterized by an excellent link between science and application and thus addresses the specific needs of students in teacher training: Teaching concepts are designed and further developed throughout the semester. In addition, students produce a joint course journal at the end of the seminar, which is a positively motivating goal. In addition to the well-functioning interweaving of peer feedback and lecturer feedback, the transferability of this teaching concept to other courses in the teacher training programme should also be emphasized.

Both Teaching Awards were presented in a ceremony during the DIES LEGENDI on 12 November 2019 in the Rosensäle.