Professorin with Flipchart in front and students in the background

Excellent Teaching

Diverse study opportunities, dedicated teaching staff, innovative ideas and early promotion of gifted students
Professorin with Flipchart in front and students in the background
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At the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, teaching is of great importance because the University

  • regards teaching as valuable for science,
  • faces up to the shared responsibility for good teaching,
  • encourages the commitment to good teaching systematically.

In addition to research- and practice-oriented studies that are characterised by diversity and internationality and the strong support structures for teaching, the  importance of teaching at the University is particularly visible through two special initiatives: In 2017, the "Academy for Teaching Development" was founded at the university as a Think Tank for Teaching and in 2019, the "Honours Programme for Future Researchers" was launched for the early promotion of gifted students.


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Unique in Germany, the Honours Programme for Future Researchers supports talented and research-oriented students from all disciplines. It enables them to gain in-depth insights into research processes during their studies, gives them a share in the scientific community and prepares them for an academic career. The students team up with a supervising researcher and apply with their own small research project.
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The University’s Academy for Teaching Development provides incentives for the development of innovative teaching concepts and is committed to ensuring that achievements in academic teaching are recognized and made visible. It establishes a cross-faculty communication space in which principles of good teaching are reflected and current developments in higher education didactics are discussed.

Research and practice-oriented studies

The excellent teaching at the Friedrich Schiller University is characterised by a special research and practical orientation. Students can choose from a wide range of degree programmes, from the "rare disciplines" such as Caucasiology to a teacher study programme based on the Jena model and specifically internationally oriented degree programmes. The university's participation in the European university alliance EC2U (European Campus of City Universities) also opens up special study opportunities for students.

Support for excellent teaching

The University offers students and lecturers a wide range of support options. In the area of university didactics, for example, in addition to general offers for all lecturers, above all teaching talents are also supported with the special offers of the team of the Service Centre for Higher Education Didactics (LehreLernen). In the area of digital teaching and e-learning, comprehensive services are also available to all lecturers and students for the use of innovative digital tools and methods.

Service Centre for Higher Education Didactics (LehreLernen)
Lecturers are supported in many areas of teaching by university didactics.


Office of the Vice-President for Learning and Teaching