IT Security / incidents 

This service is only available to employees, students and guests of the university.


If you have been the victim of a cyber attack or your PC has been damaged in any other security-relevant way, the University Computer Centre strongly recommends that you report all security-relevant incidents. The Staff Unit for Security of Information Technology Systems (ST-SIS) is available to you as a point of contact.

Report an IT security incident

  • During the opening hours of the IT Service Centre, you can report all incidents free of charge by telephone or e-mail
  • Around the clock, please use the contact formExternal link "IT security incident report"
    (To use the contact form, please log in with your access data.)

The IT Service Centre can provide you with the help you need and at the same time help to protect the security of all FSU IT systems.

Further information can be found on the Wiki pageExternal link.

Online help center

Click here for the URZ Service DeskExternal link


Opening hours:
Mo.-Fr. von 7:30 - 21:30 Uhr

Stabsstelle für Informationssicherheit

Jenergasse 8
07743 Jena

Office hours:
nach Vereinbarung

Postal address:
(siehe links)

Fragen, Anregungen und Meldungen zum Thema
"Informationssicherheit an der Universität Jena" oder die Meldung eines IT-Sicherheitsvorfalles übermitteln Sie bitte an das IT-Servicezentrum.

Vollständig anonym erreichen uns Ihre Mitteilungen via Hauspost der Uni Jena.
Adressieren Sie bitte:
IT-Service: Ernst-Abbe-Platz 4 / Raum 1209
07743 Jena

Briefkästen befinden sich z.B. im UHG neben dem Pförtner und am Campus