Tools for events

This service is only available to students and employees of the university.

Would you like to organize an event at the university? For example, the Computer Center can help you print flyers, banners and name badges, offer tools for managing participants and contributions or provide special conference networks for guests to access the Internet during the event.

  • Web presence and management of workshops or conferences

    Are you organizing a workshop or conference and want a web-based management system for participants and contributions? The URZ provides IndicoExternal link zur Verfügung, ein vom CERNExternal link entwickeltes Open Source Tool. Indico unterstützt das Management einer Konferenz über den gesamten Zyklus von der Registrierung über die Einreichung und das Review von Beiträgen bis hin zur Verwaltung von Teilnehmenden.

    The URZ provides IndicoExternal link, an open source tool developed by CERNExternal link. Indico supports the management of a conference over the entire cycle from registration, submission and review of contributions to the administration of participants.

  • Internet access for conferences and other events

    Sie benötigen für teilnehmende Personen von Workshops, Konferenzen oder Tagungen einen verlässlichen Internetzugang am Veranstaltungsort? In vielen Räumlichkeiten der Universität steht das weltweit verbreitete eduroam-NetzwerkExternal link zur Verfügung.

    Do you need reliable internet access at the venue for participants in workshops, conferences or meetings? The worldwide eduroam networkExternal link is available in many of the university's premises.

    For participants who cannot access eduroam, the University Computer Center can set up special Internet access at the conference venue for the duration of the conference (WLAN for conference guests). Alternatively, the URZ will provide special conference accounts for participants, which will enable them to use the eduroam network.

  • Print media for conferences

    A banner that draws attention to your event from afar, conference brochures and name badges for participants, roll-ups or posters in the corporate design of Friedrich Schiller University Jena - you can have many different materials printed for your event at the URZ Customer and Printing Center.

    There are costs for the production. Orders that are intended for official purposes can be charged to your cost center.

  • Online appointment surveys

    Quick and easy coordination. Coordinating events and meetings is part of everydayworking life. Via the German Research Network (DFNExternal link)  you can use a generally accessible platform to coordinate appointments quickly and easily. As with all DFN services, data protection External linkand data economy are paramount - so the service can also be used without registration.


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