This service is only available to employees and students of the university.


Computer virus protection programs are used on all IT systems. All protection programs are configured and administered in such a way that they provide effective protection and can prevent manipulation.

What software is available?

Sophos is software with advanced protection functions (anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, anti-phishing, etc.).

Who can use the virus scanner?

  • The Sophos virus scanner is available to all members (staff and students) of the university free of charge via a national license.
  • This virus scanner must be used on all computers at the university.
  • The virus scanner can be used by all members of the university on their private computers

Installable versions

You can only download the program from the university's data network.
Please ensure that the software is regularly updated and configured.

Sophos Central (standard installation package) can be used in the following areas:

  • within the university network
  • outside the university network

Software- Download de

For private devices there is another procedureExternal link.

Further information

For special requirements, please submit a request via the IT Service Center. de

Further information can be found on the Wiki page.

Online help center 

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