IT security protection against viruses and other measures to keep your working environment secure

This service is available to students, employees and guests of the university.

IT systems, but also users, are exposed to the increasing risk of attacks. We all encounter threats in the form of operating errors, viruses and malware or phishing.

The best possible protection against attacks is only possible if everyone helps  
Please use our IT security services and the security measures listed below.

Protection against viruses  

  • Antivirus

    Security software Sophos Antivirus
    Protect your computer against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and other potentially unwanted applications. The University Computer Center provides the Sophos Antivirus security software from Sophos for members of the University.

Further measures for the safety of your working environment?

  • Recognize fraudulent E-mails

    Time and again, criminals send fraudulent emails, for example to install malware or to obtain your access data. This is often allegedly done in the name of the computer center or other university institutions.

    If you clearly recognize a fraudulent e-mail or are unsure about a possible scam, you should not click on any links, open any attachments or reply to the e-mail. In case of suspicion, forward such e-mails to

  • Sending encrypted and signed emails

    Emails can be read or even changed by criminals on their way from the sender to the recipient. Encrypted and signed emails ensure that messages originate from a trustworthy person and not from a complete stranger (this also makes it easier for you to recognize fraudulent messages, for example). 

    To encrypt and sign emails, you need a personal certificate de. You should encrypt emails in particular if you are sending personal or other sensitive data.

  • Store data securely

    Store important data reliably and make regular backups. Ideally, you should use the storage services de offered by the URZ. As part of its backup strategy, the URZ regularly creates backup copies so that they can be restored in the event of accidental deletion, hardware failure or an attack (e.g. by malware).

  • Use the latest software versions

    Software providers are constantly striving to close potential gateways and regularly offer so-called security updates. A key protection mechanism is to install updates on your devices (laptops, smartphones, etc.) promptly and, if possible, automatically. 

  • Report IT security incidents

    Please report IT security incidents immediately to the IT-Servicezentrum de. Together with you, we analyze and discuss what can be done to keep the risk as low as possible.


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