Photograph of people of different ages, cultures, and origins standing in a circle looking down at the camera


Equality and Diversity
Photograph of people of different ages, cultures, and origins standing in a circle looking down at the camera
Image: Rawpixel, istock

A university thrives on intellectual diversity and thus on the diversity of its students, employees, guests, subjects, and areas. For a university and its members, the constructive interaction of diverse perspectives, knowledges, competences, and experiences is an invaluable enrichment as it inspires and releases innovation potential.

Appreciating and promoting individual and socio-cultural diversity, gender equality while avoiding and eliminating all forms of discrimination are guiding principles at the University of Jena.

We aim to ensure that people who are interested in studying or working with us are given full access on the basis of their talent and that all university members and affiliates are given equal opportunities to participate and develop their full potential within the possibilities and regulations of the university. We take into account legally protected characteristics as well as personal circumstances that may be difficult to reconcile with university life and promote a culture of appreciation and fairness in everyday study and work.

Diversity creates uniqueness — our personality, our team, our university.

News and events

The image shows the lettering Spotlight Diversity in colorful letters in a white cloud, above are shown camera and cell phone
Photography competition "Spotlight Diversity"
Where do you discover diversity in your everyday study, research and/or work life at the University of Jena? Show us your personal view of diversity at our university in a photo. We are looking forward to your contribution!
Closing date for submitting your photos is 31 March 2024.

Information, support, contacts

The photo shows a group of students on campus in front of a lawn, including men and women of different skin colors and a female student in a wheelchair.
Promoting equal opportunities
Biology laboratory at the University of Jena
Equal opportunities and diversity in academia
Employees of the University of Jena at the University’s summer festival 2017
Academic, technical, and administrative employees
Seminar with a heterogeneous group of students
Heterogeneity as a challenge and opportunity
Researcher pipetting in the lab
Gender, diversity, and equal opportunities in research
Flock of birds in the sky in arrow formation
Gender and diversity competence as key qualifications
Three dice with question marks and stacked on top of each other
Your contacts for service, advice, representation of interests

Equality and diversity management

Office of the Vice-President for Early Career Researchers and Diversity Management
Uwe Cantner, Prof. Dr
Uwe Cantner
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
Fürstengraben 1
07743 Jena Google Maps site planExternal link

Information, advice, and representation of interests

Equal Opportunities Officer
Annette Weinke, apl. Prof. Dr
Room E010
Fürstengraben 13
07743 Jena Google Maps site planExternal link
Diversity Officer
David J. Green, Univ.-Prof. Dr
Room 104
Zwätzengasse 3
07743 Jena Google Maps site planExternal link