IT Security - Digital Certificates

This service is available for all university members who have a address.


Whether for users, groups or servers - it is always important that data and information are exchanged securely between users and web applications or via e-mail.  

Digital certificates are a proven way to achieve this. They ensure secure authentication of the communication partners and thus prevent the faking of a false identity. Encryption mechanisms in particular are an essential part of this. The following options are available: 

  • Personal certificates (e.g. for signing e-mails)

    A user certificate can be used to sign e-mails or encrypt documents (e.g. a PDF). The digital signature of an e-mail or document ensures that the document or message actually originates from the sender and not from a completely unrelated third party.

  • Group certificates (e-mails for function-bound purposes)

    A group certificate is used if an e-mail address is used by several people or if it is an e-mail for function-bound purposes (e.g.

  • Server certificates (for secure data exchange for web services)

    Administrators use a server certificate to secure access to the services offered by servers. Web services with "https://" in the address line of the browser indicate that exchanged data is transmitted encrypted via this website and no third party can read it.


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