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European Campus of City Universities
seven friends
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EC2U: A European University

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The University of Jena is one of the seven partner universities of the European Campus of City Universities - EC2U, a multicultural and multilingual European University Alliance. Together, the EC2U partners are creating an innovative space that enables seamless mobility between universities and cities. EC2U stands for new ways in shaping a united Europe and addressing global challenges.

Students, university employees, the city administration, local businesses and interested citizens - you can all be a part of EC2U.

EC2U Science Battle - On 30.09.2022 Jena's team won this year's Science Battle. HURRAY TEAM JENA!

Science Battle - live show
Team Jena was victorious!

What is a European University Alliance?

Auf dem Weg zu Europäischen Hochschulen - ein Film des DAAD

What's new in EC2U?

A workshop on strategies for intercultural learning and multilingualism on European campuses
University main building
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
A first workshop on Knowledge Ecosystems, Stakeholder-Analysis and Citizens in Science is developed within RI4C2.
Bürger in einer Stadt
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Apply now for a 2- to 4-week internship in one of the EC2U cities during the 2022-2023 school year.
Lernen in der Schule
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Help us grow by giving your input.
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Apply for a 5-day student travel scholarship to Iaşi, a partner university of the EC2U Alliance. Engage with students from across Europe for an intercultural adventure!
UAIC Iaşi - Main Building
Image: Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iaşi

EC2U Offers and Activities

Studierende auf dem Ernst-Abbe-Platz
EC2U is a multifaceted European experience for students.
Dozent im Seminarraum
EC2U is interaction and cooperation for teachers and researchers.
EC2U is intercultural network & skills for employees.
Blick auf Jenaer Stadtzentrum mit Jentower
EC2U is European identity.
am Empfang
EC2U is European opportunity for businesses.

The wider EC2U Network

Jena - View from Landgrafen
The City of Jena, Jena Business Development, the European Information Centre in Erfurt and the Erasmus Student Network of the University of Jena.
View of the Beutenberg Campus
Research and Innovation for Cities and Citizens
Innenhof des Universitätshauptgebäudes
Foster.European.Competences and Talents
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Offers and upcoming events across the entire EC2U Alliance can be found at

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