Ausstellung der Fotos beim Fotowettbewerb "Hut ab!"


Ausstellung der Fotos beim Fotowettbewerb "Hut ab!"
Foto: Christoph Worsch

1. Platz: Julia Kirtzel

Hut von Julia Kirtzel Hut von Julia Kirtzel Foto: Julia Kirtzel

Foto eingereicht von:
Institut für Mikrobiologie - Arbeitsgruppe der Mikrobiellen Kommunikation

Eigentümerin des Hutes:
Dr. Julia Kirtzel

“Geomicrobiology of Schizophyllum commune”


Before starting her scientific career as a PhD,
she studied BioGeoSciences busy as a bee.

Schizophyllum was her study project,
A lot of new facts she had detect.

It loves to degrade wood,
With laccases it could.

With ABTS it could be seen,
The medium became green.

Fungal structures on black slate,
Made her thesis completely great.

She visited conferences worldwide,
Learned the secrets of fungal peptides.

In Scotland, working in the lab of Prof. Gadd,
About successful experiments she was very glad.

San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York,
Far away from her microbial work.

The USA trip served as interstation,
To collect fresh energy for her disputation.

Girls camping, every year
She enjoyed with some cold beer.

She attended stitching courses,
On her birthday we ride horses.

She could play her violin,
As good as prizes she should win.

When she danced with Alex on the floor,
They wanted more and more and more.

Now they can dance exceptional,
Participate at “Let’s Dance” as professionals.

Her mobile was with her all the time
If she forgot it, she was not fine.

In volleyball she was quite good,
Sushi was her favorite food.

She needs Nutella every morning to wake up
As well as after writing breaks for startup.

With her colleagues she often enjoyed a pancake,
Together with a coffee to stay awake.

Whether birthday, garden party or a wedding,
“Party” at the weekend was her favorite heading.

With the girls she transformed to Tinker Bell,
Presents for Easter and Christmas she did very well.

For working time distraction,
She had ‘Pokemon Go’ action!

As child she wanted a Tamagotchi
But her parents didn`t agree,
She got it from us when she became thirty.

Playing Black Stories and watching Navy CIS,
Helped her to survive PhD stress.

Wave gothic gatherings revealed her dark side,
Working with her was a joyful ride.

2. Platz: Katharina Lehmann

Hut von Katharina Lehmann Hut von Katharina Lehmann Foto: Katharina Lehmann

Foto eingereicht von:
Katharina Lehmann

Eigentümerin des Hutes:
Katharina Lehmann

“The release and transport of mobile organic matter in soil – insights from unsaturated two-layer column studies”


Mein recht alltagsfähiger und begrünter Hut trägt die ehrwürdigen Hallen des „Soilymps“, der nach den hier plastisch dargestellten Feld- und Laborarbeiten erklommen wurde. Hier residiert mein Doktorvater und übergibt die Insignien (Kaffeetasse, Doktorhut, Geologenhammer etc.) an den Nachwuchs (mich), gekleidet in einen Laborkittel. Das Interieur ist sogar beleuchtet. Die zehn Säulen sind gefüllt mit Untersuchungsmedien (Boden, Mineralmischungen, Mikroben, Laborutensilien, Paper und weitere Späßchen. „Meine“ zwei häufig verwendeten Fahrzeuge (Pickup und Bagger) umkreisen den Hut. Wegweiser zeigen meine Einsatzorte. Auf der Rückseite bin ich in Arbeitskleidung (Bohrplatz) aktiv. Ein Delphin (mein Lieblingstier) schmückt das Dach.

3. Platz: Sina Saravi

Hut von Sina Saravi Hut von Sina Saravi Foto: Sina Saravi

Foto eingereicht von:
Sina Saravi

Eigentümerin des Hutes:
Sina Saravi

“Photon-pair generation in photonic crystal waveguides”


This hat is a feat of engineering, with 3D printed components, circulating fluids, and high-end electronics. But more than that, it is thoughtfully designed to represent who I am, in the most abstract, visual, and obviously funniest way possible.

Let’s start with the most visible piece, the round white turban, created by turning a long piece of cloth around the base of the hat. I have argued for years that the concept of the Ph.D. hat was initially inspired by the turban of the renowned 11th century Iranian scientist Abu Ali Sina. Now it could also be argued that this is a made-up fact. Nonetheless, one that I liked to repeat since I have the same first name as that famous scientist. Well, I asked for a turban, and I got a turban.

On top of the hat, there are different sections, describing what are my main achievements during my Ph.D. project. The scientific achievement is represented by an integrated device on the hat (the flat looking thing with a lot of holes in it), accompanied by a light source, which its light can be coupled into this device with the help of two mirrors. My other main achievement was managing to drink a gazillion cups of coffees. This has earned me the coffee trophy, that giant coffee bean on the hat, along with an actual 3D-printed model of our coffee machine, with my red cup under it. And the coffee machine can actually be turned on, which then pours coffee into the tiny mug! Finally, I have managed, during my Ph.D., to spend as much time on my couch as was physically possible, eating unhealthy food, playing PlayStation and watching everything that was offered on Netflix. This has got to be an achievement in some parallel dimension. This heroic scene is depicted on the hat, using a LEGO version of me on a miniature couch, with small burgers and cupcakes, looking at a tiny LCD screen, which also can be turned on. The pictures on that screen can even be changed, offering the LEGO-me a selection of programs to watch! The cherry on top, or rather on the side, is the PlayStation controller dangling from the side of the hat.

Finally, there is an assortment of other small objects on the hat, representing inside jokes. The one very dear to me is that big yellow key, which is symbolically the key to the town of Jena, given to me by my colleagues at the group of Nano & Quantum Optics of the Institute of Applied Physics, as they know how fond I am of the town and its university. Where else would one find people who are willing to put so much time and effort on a Ph.D. hat, just to make you feel special?