Die Innovation und ihre Umsetzung

Turning Scientific Innovations into Business

Keynote Lecture am 08. November von 12 bis 13 Uhr
Die Innovation und ihre Umsetzung
Foto: istockphoto.com

Dr. Tobias Janoschka

Corporate Development / Co-Founder @ JenaBatteries GmbH

Dr. Tobias Janoschka studied chemistry (Dipl.) and economics (M. Sc.) at Jena University. In 2013, he founded JenaBatteries GmbH with an interdisciplinary team of research scientists and economics experts. In a world powered by renewable energy, JenaBatteries is the leading supplier of metal-free stationary energy storage offering a sustainable alternative to metal-based solutions containing lithium, vanadium, lead or other critical scarce metals. For his works Dr. Tobias Janoschka received the Thuringian Research Prize, the IQ Innovation Prize, the Fund Scholarship of the German Chemical Industry Fund and the STIFT Prize for applied-oriented theses.