2nd LIFE-Symposium

2nd LIFE-Symposium - CONNECTing TALENTs

Time for interdisciplinary LIFE Science CONNECTions! The LIFE profile offers the LIFE-"Connect" and "Talent" funds. The successful applicants of the funds will present their research at this symposium.
2nd LIFE-Symposium
Illustration: Dania Rose-Sperling
1.LIFE Symposium - CONNECTing TALENTs
Foto: Katja Präfcke

On behalf of the committee of the LIFE profile of our university (spokesperson Prof. Michael Bauer, Deputy spokesperson Prof. Ute Hellmich) I would like to invite you to the 2nd LIFE Symposium- CONNECTing TALENTs.

When?  27.11. 2023, 12 - 6 pm
Where? Carl-Zeiss Planetarium & Auditorium "Zur Rosen", Johannisstr. 13.


  • 12 pm Planetarium film "Into the Microverse -  Journey through the Amazing World of   Microbes", Carl-Zeiss Planetarium Jena
  • 1 pm LIFE-"Connect" & "Talent" talks, Auditorium "Zur Rosen", Johannisstr. 13.

More program details 

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With a long tradition at our university, the LIFE profile encompasses research in microbiology, infection biology, biodiversity, bio-geo-interactions and ageing research in order to identify and promote new and innovative topics with a high degree of interdisciplinarity and to sustainably network the individual "centres of gravity" of the Friedrich Schiller University, the University Hospital and their non-university partners.

To achieve this, the LIFE profile offers funds, the LIFE-"Connect" and the "Talent" funds. The LIFE- "Talent" fund is intended to support independent young scientists on their career path, while the LIFE-"Connect" fund enables the development of scientific projects that have the potential for successful third-party funding. New collaborations between researchers from different groups, institutes and disciplines are to be established to stimulate cutting-edge research.

LIFE profile would be very pleased to welcome you at the 2nd LIFE-Symposium-CONNECTing TALENTs.
For further planning, we would ask you to register.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day!
With kind regards

Dania Rose-Sperling