Academic Office for Student Affairs and Examinations

The ASPA is the joint exmaination office of the following faculties:

An helps students with the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and the Teaching Qualification for "Gymnasium" and "Regelschule" (Lehramt) degrees with all questions regarding exmaination organisation. 

Since 01.01.2022, the ASPA has been organizationally assigned to the Faculty of Theology.


Please be patient and refrain from asking questions about the procress and from making multiple requests for the same question/topic. We will handle all requests as quickly as possible and contact you as soon as we can.

Academic Office for Student Affairs and Examinations

Office hours:
The ASPA is currently closed for visitors. We are working on a solution and will update you on our homepage.

We are still available via telephone or request via the Servicedesk Portal.

Telephone enquiries:
Monday and Friday: 09:00-11:00
Wednesday: 13:00-15:00