Remote maintenance with ISL Light

This service is only available to employees of the university.


With the online remote assistance tool ISL Light 4, you can help support staff (administrators) at Friedrich Schiller University Jena to solve problems via the network without the need for a service technician to visit you on site. This is a temporary, one-off solution. A permanent solution is also possible, in which case the session must be re-initiated each time.
Permanent access that is not authorised by the user is not possible here either.

One-time access:

The use of remote maintenance enables controlled remote access by service technicians (administrators) to IT systems for maintenance and repair purposes.
It allows the support employee to connect to another computer, transfer its screen content, control the keyboard and mouse and transfer files. A remote support session does not require any installations or configurations on the part of the service technician (administrator) or the user.

The session is started by the service technician (administrator) and a session number is generated.
This session number is transmitted to the user with an Internet address for registration. After entering the session number, an application is started for the user, which can be executed by the user without installation. The service technician (administrator) can then view the screen of the user's computer or take complete control of it.

Access to the online toolExternal link (with connection code)

Permanent solution:

As an alternative to the user's registration on a website, the client can also be permanently installed on the user's computer. If the user needs help, the client is started and the session number given by the support employee is entered directly into the client.

The connection can also be established through firewalls. Remote help connections can be established to Windows, Mac and Linux.

Applications and authorisations

For permanent remote maintenance, the ISL LightclientExternal link ("ISL Light Client 4" click, download and install) must be installed on your PC.

Please contact the person responsible for remote maintenanceExternal link at your facility|institution|(structural) unit.


Remote maintenance is to be used to improve working conditions while ensuring the protection of employees' personal rights.
The regulated use of remote maintenance is set out in the service agreement|agreement on the use of remote IT maintenance systemsExternal link.


Opening hours:
Mo.-Fr. von 7:30 - 21:30 Uhr