Bronzebüste der Göttin Minerva, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), Senatssaal


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Bronzebüste der Göttin Minerva, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), Senatssaal
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The senate is a central body within Friedrich Schiller University. It is thus responsible for all academic concerns and is involved in all important decisions, such as the presidential elections and deselections, or the election and deselection of university council members. The senate appoints the university's vice presidents as well as the equal opportunity commissioner. It may also decide upon the university's constitutional order as well as upon other legal regulations, and it passes university guidelines as well as it comments on all issues relevant to this university.

The senate is comprised of 21 members with voting power: next to the university's president (as the senate's chairman), there are eleven professors, four students, three academic staff members, as well as two members from the technical and administrative departments. Other members are the university's deans, the vice presidents, and the chancellor, as advisory members of the body.  

Current Meeting Dates Show content

10 October 2018, 15:00 h, Joint Meeting Senate and University Council, Rosensäle

16 October 2018, 13:00 h, Senate Hall

20 November 2018, 13:00 h, Senate Hall

04 December 2018, 13:00 h, Senate Hall

18 December 2018, 13:00 h, Senate Hall

15 January 2019, 13:00 h, Senate Hall

05 February 2019, 13:00 h, Senate Hall

19 February 2019, 13:00 h, Senate Hall

Central and Cross-Faculty Orders and Guidelines Show content
Declaration on Good Scientific Practice at Friedrich Schiller University Show content

Members of the Senate

Senate members with a right to vote Show content
  • Professor Dr Walter Rosenthal, President of FSU
  • Professor Dr Christopher Spehr, Faculty of Theology
  • Professor Dr Katharina Bracht (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Achim Seifert, Faculty of Law
  • Professor Dr Christoph Ohler (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Bernd Hüfner, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Professor Dr Andreas Freytag (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Johannes Ruhland (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Hermann Funk, Faculty of Arts
  • Professor Dr Stefan Matuschek (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Rainer Thiel (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Wolfgang Seufert, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Professor Dr Holger Gabriel (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Birgitta König-Ries, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Professor Dr Joachim Giesen (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Burkhard Külshammer (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Malte Kaluza, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
  • Professor Dr Holger Gies (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Lothar Wondraczek, Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
  • Professor Dr Christoph Heubeck (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Thomas Winckler, Faculty of Biosciences
  • Professor Dr Stefan Schuster (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Andreas Stallmach, Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor Dr Dr. Stefan Schultze-Mosgau(Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Otto Witte (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Ekkehard Schleußner (Stand-In)
  • Professor Dr Kirsten Küsel, Group of Speakers
  • Professor Dr Stefan Schweinberger (Stand-In)
  • Florian Rappen
  • Jan-Moritz Hahn (Stand-In)
  • Stephan Weiland (Stand-In)
  • Marcus Dào
  • Jordi Ziour (Stand-In)
  • Hendrike Schoppa (Stand-In)
  • Cornelius Golembiewski
  • Irina Holve (Stand-In)
  • Beatrix Maria Heinze (Stand-In)
  • Anna Katharina Wölfl
  • Markus Hammerschmidt (Stand-In)
  • Sebastian Uschmann (Stand-In)
  • Johanna Sittel
  • Dr. Florian Butollo (Stand-In)
  • Thomas Engel (Stand-In)
  • apl. Professor Dr Amelie Lupp
  • Dr Ignacio Rubio (Stand-In)
  • PD Dr Ralf Alexander Claus (Stand-In)
  • OA PD Dr Julian Großkreutz
  • Dr Ignacio Rubio (Stand-In)
  • PD Dr Ralf Alexander Claus (Stand-In)
  • Karsten Horn
  • Juliane Kolbinger (Stand-In)
  • Katrin Glaser (Stand-In)
  • Peter Engelhardt
  • Juliane Kollbinger (Stand-In)
  • Katrin Glaser (Stand-In)
Senate members with advisory function Show content
  • Professor Dr Thorsten Heinzel
  • Professor Dr Iris Winkler
  • Professor Dr Uwe Cantner
  • Dr. Klaus Bartholmé
  • Professor Dr Manuel Vogel
  • Professor Dr Walter Pauly
  • Professor Dr Silke Übelmesser
  • Professor Dr Stefan Matuschek
  • Professor Dr Nils Berkemeyer
  • Professor Dr David J. Green
  • Professor Dr Andreas Wipf
  • Professor Dr Alexander Brenning
  • Professor Dr Frank Hellwig
  • Professor Dr Klaus Benndorf
  • Equal Opportunity Commisioner: Professor Dr Caroline Rosenthal
  • Trim Lajqi

Resolution Minutes of the Senate (German Only)


Committees of the Senate

Symbolbild Haushaltssauschuss
University Planning and Budget Committee
Committee of the Senate for all matters concerning university planning and budgeting
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