Network connectivity for servers and systems

This service is available to employees of the university.

Are you already using URZ services and infrastructure to operate your own servers or systems? To enable appropriate network connectivity for your servers or systems, you can make use of various URZ infrastructure services. 

In addition to network connectivity, the services serve to increase IT security and offer measures to protect your IT systems from threats and attacks.

  • Proxy-Service

    Reverse HTTP-Proxy
    Do you operate your own web presence or a web service de on URZ infrastructure and want to improve the performance of your (web) server or prevent users from communicating directly with your (web) server? Then you can use the URZ's web proxy.

    The URZ reverse proxy receives requests on behalf of your (web) server and forwards them to your servers if required. The incoming data traffic is distributed to several proxy servers for load balancing. The proxy also serves as a cache. Web pages or content that is often required is temporarily stored on the proxy server, which means that not every request has to be forwarded to your server.

    Do you operate your own system on (virtual) servers within the URZ and want your system to access certain services or systems (e.g. to download updates) outside the URZ? Then you can use the HTTP proxy of the URZ.

    With the provision of servers within the URZ, your system is located in a specially secured network area. If your system is to access certain services or systems outside this protected area, this is possible via the HTTP proxy of the URZ. To establish a connection to the desired system, its domain / URL must be entered in the proxy (port activation). 

  • Central internet-firewall

    The URZ operates a central Internet firewall as a protective measure against unwanted, insecure and damaging network access from the public Internet to the university network. This can be used to control and log data traffic to and from the university network and to block or release so-called ports for data communication for various applications.

    If you would like to have a port blocked for security reasons or require a specific port to be activated for your application, please contact the person responsibleExternal link for your connection (VPN  deis required for access outside the university-wide data network).

  • DNS-Entry

    Would you like your system to be provided under the domain (e.g. Special requirements apply to the allocation of domain addresses under Your requirements will be recorded and checked together with the Web Development and Web Services section of the University Communication Department de. Please apply for this entry via your responsible connection managerExternal link (VPN  deis required for access outside the university-wide data network).

  • Security for servers and systems

    Server certificates
    Secure access to your server with a server certificate so that data and information can be securely exchanged between your server and all users.


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